Windows 10 Spartan Web Browser Review

Microsoft’s very new hot topic among users is the Project Spartan which is the new web browser available in Windows 10 Technical Preview build 10049 and later. It is not yet decided to give a final name to the new browser, also the old Internet Explorer browser is still available in Windows 10.

If you want to use and test the Spartan Web Browser then you can download Windows 10 Technical preview from the following link :

Download Windows 10 Pro Technical Build 10056 [Latest]

Lets get to know about Spartan more, which most of the users are eager to know and are not able to use it as they are not using Windows 10 yet. So the first and foremost question that arises on everybody’s mind is why another browser when there are already very popular and stable browsers are available in the market such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc? The answer is that users get a better compatibility, better performance and better support for the new and well developed browser from Microsoft, the main motto of the company is to let its users use the default browser rather opting for other 3rd part web browsers.

Will Microsoft Remove Internet Explorer from Windows 10?

Microsoft is never going to remove its popular and oldest browser Internet Explorer as it is the main component of its Operating System and they are also planning to keep both the browsers in their next builds.

Spartan web browser will be featuring a new rendering engine that will support the modern HTML websites and also provide a better compatibility and performance unlike Internet explorer and it will be the default web browser in Windows 10.

[su_note note_color=”#fb4c39″ text_color=”#ffffff”]The User Interface is Neat & Clean[/su_note]



spartan-browserSpartan web browser looks clean and has the metro looks, as you can see the tabs report-bug-project-spartanare also shown in the title bar and has ample gap in the address bar along with toolbar buttons such as back, forward, refresh, reading view, bookmark, etc

The Smiley button is to send a feedback if you have something else in your mind for the changes or if you feel something is missing. You can also report a bug using this button and it will directly go the bug testing team for Project Spartan.

Features of Spartan Web Browser :

  • Built in Cortan – Cortana is personal assistance in Project Spartan which makes your web browsing easier and helps you do thing in a much easier way. She is there to help you in the background and assist you with whatever you need.
  • New and Unique Look – Spartan breaks the ice with an incredible look and an easy to use interface, which has redesigned and carries a ‘clean’ look.
  • Built-in note-taking – This next generation browser by Microsoft gives you inking capabilities. Which means, Spartan enables you to take notes, write, type directly on your page. For those who indulge in research and collecting information, this feature makes their work incredibly easy as they can save their notes directly into OneNote.
  • Sharing – In addition to inking, Spartan also allows you to share your notes with whoever you want. You can share it with your friends on Social Media or you can simply email it to someone as per your requirement. It makes your communication extremely easy to capture and share.
  • Your own Reading List – Spartan offers you help in creating your own Reading List. The internet is a place with limitless and overloaded information, to help you sort it out, this reading list collects the required information to give you the access later on for your reference.
  • Reading View – Web surfers also have an access to the integrated Reading View, which focuses only on the content.
  • Modern Web Browser – The unique rendering engine of Spartan is built with the idea to make the web work faster, in a secured and reliable way.
  • Optimized for YOUR Device – Spartan is optimized in itself to suit all your devices so that you have no inconvenience when it comes to easy and hassle free surfing and browsing.
  • Secure and Power Efficient – It is Power efficient, more secure and perfect in every way, including tabs, address bars and so on.

You can even download other browsers if you are not having Windows 10 Technical Preview from the following link :

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