Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Build 10154

Microsoft has already announced the release date for Windows 10 RTM which is going to hit the market on 29th July. Nearing to the release date the company is working really hard on  bringing a polished product, the new Operating System Windows 10 has till now been very buggy and over stability is not yet found. But the new programs and changes are definitely an overcome from its predecessors, the last official build was Windows 10 Insider Preview  – Build 10130 which had a lot of bugs present and also the major WiFi frequent disconnection issues were there.

After that we got our hands on the leaked version of Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview Build 10147 which had already many bugs fixed and new software implemented like the Get Office 2016, Network Beta, Phone Companion and many others.

Coming to the latest build which is yet to be released is Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Build 10154 which the Russian Leaker Wzor has got his hands on, also a Release Note has been revealed which mentions the changes and implementations in the Build 10154.

There are no new software additions in this Build, but a number of bugs found in the previous builds are fixed.

Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Build 10154 Release Notes :

Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Build 10154 Screenshot :

Wzor is already preparing the iso image for Windows 10 Build 10154 which we will be able to download only after he releases it. We can see that this build will be having a lot of improvements and changes, moreover Microsoft is doing pretty well in each of the updates. We hope to see a stable release in the next upcoming official build from the company itself. We would not advice you to install the Leaked version as usual, but you can download Windows 10 10147 Leaked version from here till the time the Build 10154 is not released.


Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10151 is leaked online, but the only drawback for it is that it is in Chinese Language. You can download Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10151 from here and the password is 1s0a . The download speed will be ridiculously slow and we would not recommend download a leaked version as always. You can wait for the Build 10154 to be released officially soon.

Download – Windows 10 Pro Build 10158 ISO

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By   28 June, 2015

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