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Another week is gone and Microsoft has not released any update of its new operating system Windows 10 after the build 10074 officially to public. Build 10125 is heard to be the latest version after the leak of Windows 10 Build 10102 we haven’t yet got any new version of it so far. But according to Wzor it is confirmed that Windows 10 Build 10125 is out for the Microsoft Staff for testing once again after the build 10123.

Wzor mentioned that build 10125 could be released later this week or early next week,

it all depends on the Microsoft employees who are on the beta testing phase of the latest build of Windows 10.

Meanwhile in addition to build 10125, we can also see some signs of build 10126 which is yet to be tested by the Microsoft employees again. Officially Microsoft is not releasing any more builds, we can assume that they’re already on the verge to release the RTM version of Windows 10 directly to the public users as the date for the official release is near.

Wzor has also mentioned that when the official version of Windows 10 is completed, the Windows Insider Beta Project will continue to come in the next update as well. And also it is believed that the it will be named as “Autumn Update“, which we will be seeing it in this autumn as Windows 10 Update 1.

Screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10125 Shows The User Interface Changes & The New Icons Replaced:


  • We hope we will be be able to get Windows 10 Build 10125 By next week as said by Russian leak god wzor on his tweet. The newest build of Windows 10 will be uploaded once available for download on your favorite file hosts and torrents. You can download Windows 10 Build 10074 which is officially released by Microsoft or Build 10102 which was leaked a couple of weeks ago. Or if you want to wait for a week you can wait, the wait would be worth as there would be many new features and improvements from the previous builds which we have already discussed in our previous articles.
  • 23-05-2015 – Screenshots of Windows 10 Build 10125 has been leaked by Wzor and it reveals that the icons are updated in this version.

Download Windows 10 Build 10125 ISO

Windows 10 Build 10125 – x64

Windows 10 Build 10125 – x86

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