Windows 10 Build 10123 Leaked Screenshots Preview

We had recently posted about Windows 10 Build 10120 and its changes. Meanwhile we got to know that Windows 10 Build 10123 leaked screenshots online. As the date is approaching for the official final release of Windows 10, we can see a lot of leaked versions and screenshots being revealed everywhere. But that doesn’t mean we are getting the polished and without bugs Operating System. Microsoft is working really very hard to bring a smooth operating system without any glitches and of course with a user friendly interface.

We currently have seen that Build 10123 screenshots are leaked online, we’ll be talking about it below. But before we start we would like to inform you that officially Microsoft has released Build 10074 till now to its public users and Build 10120 for its employees. We can expect the final build this week as Microsoft releases the updates once after it has released to its employees.

Changes in Build 10123 :

  • Microsoft Edge will be the default PDF Viewer
  • In-private browsing mode feature in Edge
  • Enhanced Cortana
  • New feedback option
  • Windows 7 like Start Menu & Start Screen
  • Play To option got renamed as Cast to Device
  • Backup and Restore feature like Windows 7 is implemented


The current build 10123 is mostly about the Microsoft Edge which is being focused more. It has been seen in the leaked screenshots that it is having an in-private browsing feature along with you will be able to save the passwords and forms which was not present in the previous builds. Also users will be able to customize the sites they visit as featuring it as top sites as they open them in the browser.


Cortana has got a lot of improvements and enhancements like it will be looking re-branded as the windows phone app which you can check in the screenshots in this article below.

With the advancement of time and the reaching of the goal date of release of the RTM of Windows 10. It is expected that the final version of Windows 10 will be released by late July or early August. But before that we will be able to get hold our hands on Windows 10 Build 10123 for by next week. Once it is available for download, we’ll notify you. Please subscribe to our RSS so that you don’t miss the updates.

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By   16 May, 2015

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