Windows 10 Build 10120 Available for MS Employees

The next build of Windows 10 is Build 10120 which is officially not out yet, Russian leaker WZor revealed that this current build is specially released for Microsoft employees only. We can expect this release for us as well because Microsoft does this kind of release to its employees before releasing it for public.

The screenshot where it shows Windows 10 Professional Edition Build 10120 is available for update


What we can expect in the future Windows 10 build 10120 ?

  • Not much changes
  • Bug fixes
  • Spartan browser to be named as Microsoft Edge
  • Music preview app replaced with new music app and will be the default player for the associated music files
  • Video preview app replaced with new video app and will be the default video player for video files
  • Reading list app removed
  • Microsoft Edge to be the default PDF Reader

Screenshot of Windows 10 Build 10120

NOTE : Windows 10 Build 10120 is not yet released by Microsoft for download either on fast or slow update except for the Microsoft employees. We do expect a newer build by this week for public users. But so far the changes have been really appreciated the effort Microsoft has put in. We have just got the news that Build 10123 screenshots are leaked. We’ll be writing a new article on it. Stay tuned with us. Till then you can download Windows 10 Build 10102 Leaked version.

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By   16 May, 2015

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