Windows 10 Build 10114 New Changes

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Operating system Build 10114 was seen to be online on Neowin with screenshots. We’ve come to know a quite few number of changes in this build. We’ll be stating the changes and new features added but then we would like you to know that till now Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10102 iso is only out yet. And now we see that Microsoft has already rolled out Windows 10 Build 10114. The new name for this build is yet to be announced unlike the Technical Preview and the Insider Preview build’s.

Changes in Build 10114 :

  • Power button moved at the bottom of the start menu
  • App suggestions in the start menu
  • Hamburger menu
  • Revamped Insider App

Screenshots :

Update :

Its been another week since Microsoft released any Build officially after Build 10074. We all are waiting for the latest build of Windows 10. We hope that initially Windows 10 Build 10114 will be released this week. As promised by us always, once we get the official links or any leaked version, we would be definitely sharing it for download for you. Till then you can download Windows 10 Insider Preview 10102 if you are not on this build yet.

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By   11 May, 2015

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