Sunrise: An Amazing Iphone App

Iphone has truly revolutionized the communication industry. It is the first phone of its kind, enabled with tremendous potential and myriad features. The app center for iPhone, known as the Apple App Centre, has a plethora of apps from games, utility apps to service apps. These apps serve a specific purpose and are a convenient way of extending the functionality of the phone. The app is basically software which can be downloaded from the web and can be updated from time to time. They can be standalone or web based. Ever since the advent of apps, many individuals and software companies have designed new apps which allow users to perform tasks in an efficient and simple way. One of the many tasks users performs using their phones in scheduling their daily and monthly meetings. A phone is a convenient device to keep track of time. Hence, the calendar is an essential part of the offerings of any phone. Iphone users have a great app known as Sunrise. It is much more than your usual and banal calendar app.

It has more usage than any other calendar app and is therefore one of the most favorite and used apps of Apple users. Sunrise App is different from other calendar apps because it pulls data from various other accounts of the users. Google Calendar, Facebook are some of the examples of the accounts from which data is retrieved. This data is about various dates and the events on these dates. This data is then used by the app to notify the user of the many important events like birthdays, anniversaries and so on. Users must sign in with Facebook, account at the beginning, the app uses birthdays and other events marked on Facebook. It does not post anything on the website on your behalf. This app syncs in real time and has useful background updates. It also has time zone support. This means that one does not have to worry about the updates after changing time zones or locations. It is designed in such a way that it makes it easy for the users to add an event in no time and without any problem.

The design of this app is very lucid and includes all the things required to use it for the benefit of the user. It has lovely background and smart icons. One can see faces and profiles of the people you are about to meet. This helps in setting the events involving the people in your phone in a more effective way. One can use Google Maps and tag locations in this app. There is also support for multiple Google Calendars. This app also has iCloud support. This app has been around for a while and has enjoyed massive user support because of its wide usage and availability at free cost. Sunrise is constantly updated with new features and a better user experience. The recent version of this app is version 2.1. This app is now designed for iPad with two new visualizations which are week and month. There are background updates every hour and notifications as well. Overall, one can experience the best quality calendar app using Sunrise.

By   14 September, 2015

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