Samsung Galaxy Note II Review

This is a review about the Samsung Galaxy Note II. 

Let it start by some consumers that only look at the Galaxy Note II solely based on its huge size, they are quite wrong, you should definitely test it for yourself for a little while.  I was lucky enough to test out the Galaxy Note II for two weeks and actually I enjoyed most aspects of the device from the 5.5 inch AMOLED HD display to the speed of 2GB of RAM. Now it’s time to take a look closer at what it has, both software and hardware.


First, the Galaxy Note II hardware starts with a great 5.5 inch AMOLED HD display with 1280 x 780 resolutions, 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8MP main camera, 2MP front camera, 16GB of internal memory, 3100 mAh battery, memory expansion (Micro SD), and also supports 4G LTE connections.
The first thing of Galaxy Note II that catches my eyes is its extremely large screen. 5.5 inches is too big for a Smartphone, maybe it is as large as a tablet, but it becomes more comfortable as I used it more often.  Playing games, browsing the internet, watching videos, and opening emails become an interesting experience.  I started using the Galaxy Note II just for the media related task and started to stop using my ordinary Smartphone and tablet. Galaxy Note II can replace the need of the tablet if you want.
Now, here is the downside of having such a stunning large screen, I feel it’s a bit too large to put inside the pocket because of its long size.  But Galaxy Note II is thin enough it doesn’t feel bulky. You need to use both of your hands to run a specific function sometimes, so I don’t think the Galaxy Note II can be accepted by all customers.  Even though my little sister currently enjoyed using the Galaxy Note II, I don’t think she will be using it for a long time.
The next thing I want to say is how great the device performs.  Applications close and open very fast and it never seems any lag, you can do multitasking with ease.  This is because the 2GB of RAM, 1.6GHz quad-core processor plus Android 4.1 combination that makes The Galaxy note II is an awesome device.  You can test it for yourself by running the most intensive applications you have at the Galaxy Note II, I am 100% sure it can handle it easily.
The Galaxy Note II is very similar to the Galaxy S III in many aspects.  Both of them are often compared and you can tell that S III is the inspiration for the Galaxy Note II.  A quick look at the Galaxy Note II will make you think that the design form and contour is very similar to the Galaxy S III. It is like a larger version with enhanced internals and Android 4.1.  There are two points that need to emphasize here.  First, if you like the Galaxy S III, then you will like the Galaxy Note II especially if you are interested with the display.  Second, the cameras and sharing features are pretty much the same.  The 8MP main camera and the 2MP front camera are good enough to take great pictures.
Along with the great cameras, Note II also provides Low Light, Burst Shot, Best Shot, and Share Shot mode for pictures and videos. Same with the Galaxy S III, Note II offers integration through the NFC chip on board.
One of the main complains customers had when purchasing smartphones is the battery life power.  Let me clear the fear you have inside about the battery life of the Galaxy Note II, with the 3100 mAh battery (that’s big one and lasts for a long time).  When it fully charged, Note II can last for about a day, so you don’t need to worry about constantly being tied to a charger socket.  Personally, I don’t need to charge it more than once every day, and sometimes just for a half an hour to get it some power.



Move on to the software aspect, Note II runs Android 4.1 works with Samsung’s TouchWiz UX. In a time the market share for this operating system is pretty low, it’s nice to see that Samsung’s extra effort to launch some devices with Jelly Bean. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the first non-Nexus devices Samsung launched with Jelly Bean on it.  As a result, Note II has a number of Jelly Bean awesome features such as Project Butter, smarter notifications, and Google Now. I actually prefer using that Samsung keyboard, a combination between Swype and SwiftKey. The keyboard has smart predictions and allows the user to swipe to type the text.  Because you can swipe to text, it becomes easier to type with only one hand.
A beautiful example of the integration between smart hardware and software is represented in the form of S-Pen. Although it was existed in the first generation of the Galaxy, S-Pen is an evident that Samsung want to create it in their successors.  The Galaxy Note II now has a special pen holder for the S-Pen and the feature can tell whether the pen is removed or inserted back. When the pen is removed, the device automatically opens a specific S-Pen along with homepage and shortcuts for some useful applications like S Note. You can also able to take screen shots with the S-Pen by holding down a button on the pen. It can crop a part of the screen and drag it to a different app for another task.
My opinion about the S-Pen is: it’s a pretty nice feature that can be used every time you need to write down some notes and edit pictures casually, but I don’t think it is a big attraction at this time.  So if I were about to buy the Galaxy Note II, it is for the display and incredibly fast internals, not the S pen integration.  However, I know some people may still enjoy the integration of the S-Pen more than I did.
The last aspect I want to write about the software is the Multi Window feature; it was recently enabled in my Galaxy Note II.  Basically, the feature allows you to open two applications at the same time and you can use them side-by-side at the same time.  For example, I use Twitter in half of the screen and Facebook in the other half! Wow great isn’t it?
I honestly fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note II large and beautiful display.  Still I think that it is a bit too large for everyday use, but it does affirm my decision to purchase a smartphone or phablet.  If you are okay with the Galaxy Note size and how to fit it in your pocket, then there is no reason not to purchase it.   Although the device is a little expensive, but I believe it will go down in the coming weeks and months. Finally, I can safely say it is one of the best phablets available in the market.  You can take notes on your smartphone, and use a device with extremely fast processing speeds on the Galaxy Note II. This device is worthy of your consideration.

By   14 September, 2015

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