Must Have 5 Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Having a smartphone is the ultimate feeling these days one can have, also having the applications that can boost it up can give you that extra feel which you are missing from a long time. Yes, if you’re having a rooted android device then you can install the must have free applications that we use it on our devices here on Techolaty.  Nowadays having an Android device, the biggest tension which we carry along with it is the battery backup and we tend to lose our patience when we see it drains down quickly, secondly we fear that the applications running at the background maybe consuming a lot of the system resources, resulting in the slow down of other applications. Many times it also happens we browse a lot and delete the browsing history and/or delete the media from our device it is still left behind. Well we will discuss the applications below which will help you save the storage as well as give a good performance and stability on the battery consumption on your rooted android device.

Must Have 5 Apps For Rooted Android Devices :

1 : Xposed Framework : This is the main application which you will require to run another application on your device, this application is probably the base for running other modules on your rooted android device.

Xposed Framework Apk, brought to you by XDA Developers

You can download an install this application directly from the official website from here

2. Greenify : This is the application-cum-module which will run under xposed framework which probably helps to put other applications on hibernation i.e it will make the applications which are running in the background into deep sleep, resulting in less resource usage, better ram management and good battery backup. You will have to download and install it and then head over to Xposed Installer and then under Modules inside Xposed Installer tick the Greenify box and restart your device. After restarting your device open Greenify and you are all set. You can select which applications to put into hibernation and you can explore other features of Greenify as well inside it. If you like the application you can even purchase the Donation package and use the Experimental Features of it.

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

3. 360 Clean Droid : One of the best application for a rooted android device to free up RAM and also deep cleaning junk files left over after using other applications. 360 Clean droid works pretty flawless and is the best application in startup application management or shredding files permanently. You can download, install and grant the root permission under super user. Once installed, you’ll never have to look back into shortage of storage or memory hogging apps.

memory cleaning android application

[appbox googleplay com.qihoo.cleandroid]

4. Titanium Backup :  If you have a fear of loosing your data/application or if you frequently install custom roms on your device then this is the perfect application to take the backup of the entire applications and its data which you’re using on your smartphone. You can restore the backup of the applications installed after you install a custom rom or even reset your device. The applications and data will be restored intact as it was in the previous state without even loosing the applications single data.

Download titanium apk from playstore

[appbox googleplay com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup]

5. Ad Block Plus for Android : There are few applications which have pop up ads and they’re pretty annoying and it makes us lose our patience. But Adblock Plus for Android helps us to block the unwanted ads which frequently pops up on other applications. Install and update the host file once and forget about ads annoying you ever again.

Officially Google Playstore doesn’t allows adblocking apps to be displayed on their list as it tends to bring loss to the developers, so you can download the apk and manually install it from here

If you’ve some other applications in your mind then you can let us know, we will update the list over here. So far if you’ve liked our article and have installed the applications which have mentioned above then subscribe to us for more. All the above applications are free of cost and/or require donation packages later for more features. But overall the free applications will already boost your device and give a good battery life.

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