Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM With Flash Light Notification

Hello Lenovo A6000 Users, you might have downloaded and flashed your favorite MIUI Custom Rom for your device the stable version by FlourMo  or the liuxinghost version of MIUI for Lenovo A6000. Now we have a highly stable and a very attractive version of MIUI ROM by the Author Laughing Kid (a Chinese developer). This custom ROM is perfect for the MIUI lovers, you can get the maximum feel of MIUI, unlike the other versions you can get LED Flash Notification like iPhone or other Android phones when you receive any SMS or Whatsapp Message or maybe an Email also. The status bar is also transparent and similar to iPhone network and battery icons. The RAM is also almost 400 MB available even after running 2-3 apps like Music player, Security and Browser. Overall this custom ROM has no bugs, we have tested it for a prolong period of time and found the battery life to be decent as well but on heavy usage it will drain quickly, because if you want vibrant and attractive looks on your smartphone then you will have to sacrifice few things. But if you’re most likely to focus on the battery life then we can suggest you to download and install PACMAN ROM for Lenovo A6000, one of the best Custom ROM which is bug less and gives a very good battery life even after heavy usage.

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install the custom rom on your phone. If you’re unaware ofcustom roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Pre-requisites :

1. Rooted device – You can read the guide here for rooting your Lenovo A6000/Plus

2. CWM installed – You can follow the tutorial here for installing CWM.

3. Custom Rom – Download it from here.

4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here. ( This is the minimal edition)

5. Backup all your data.

About the ROM :

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo K30 (Works with Lenovo A6000/Plus)
ROM type:  MIUI 6

Version:  5.7.14
ROM Author: Laughing Kid

Features of the ROM :

  • Latest MIUI version used
  • Unwanted apps removed
  • Added Shock Bass and Viper Sound
  • New Color Search Function
  • New Home Multi List Feature Added
  • LED Flash Notification
  • Mobile Hotspot Function Added
  • Unlike old MIUI versions, many background services are automatically stopped
  • Volume increased
  • iOS status bar
  • iOS network icons
  • Added Kernel Level Power Optimization
  • Lock Screen Music Controls
  • Tap on Status Bar To Sleep
  • LED Notification On Incoming Calls
  • Dolby Digital Sounds integrated in the Kernel Sources
  • iOS Transitions and themes

How to install Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM

Step 1 : Copy both the files to your SD card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to goto recovery)

Step 3 :  Please take an entire backup of your current rom through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom Rom

Step 4 : Enter recovery

Step 5 : Delete Cache/Partition, Delete Dalvik Cache

Step 6 : Flash the rom and then the gapps and SuperSu

Step 7 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

PS : You may find difficult using the language interface or the keyboard as it is in default Chinese Language. You can download Google Keyboard and use the English Language as default.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.inputmethod.latin]

Screen Shots of Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM


Download Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM


Gapps 4.4.4 For Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM

[su_animate type=”tada” duration=”120″ delay=”0.5″]

More Lenovo A6000 Custom ROMSClick Here


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By   20 July, 2015

49 Comments on “Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom ROM With Flash Light Notification

  1. Jailani Ak

    in additional settings there are many Chinese menu options. what are they?


    can we expect a working cm 12 after Vibe UI lollipop release ,ie i got known that in this month lenovo is going to release their vibe ui lollipop ota but i don’t like vibe ui lollipop i would like to have a cm12 is there a chance that anyone could make a bug less cm12 (With working sim) with that?

    1. Techolaty

      We already have the CM 12.1 for Lenovo A6000 but it has a major bug of Network. The sim don’t work, so we have abandoned that. Once Lollipop is released for the device, we will be able to port CM12 without the major bugs. And yes, it is going to be released by this month.

  3. Sunil Athavale

    hi users how is the ROM in terms of speed stability camera and music fronts?How is the free RAM?

  4. Ritesh Pawar

    Why is the version still showing 5.7.9 beta instead of 5.7.14 ?

    1. Satheesh Chandran

      Try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rrr.android.mediaserverkiller&hl=en (mediaserver killer from the play store) and enable killing intervell from the settings. It’s working fine,

      Or you have to format your Sd card and reboot. (even if you have lots of media or not (music, video or image) – you must do a Format.)

      NB: Never connect your device to PC as Mass Storage (UMS), always use as Media Device (MTP).

      and disable that Touch sounds – they force media server to work every touch of you.

      I have lot’s of experience in fu***ng media server, (once upon a time that beggar needed 62% of my battery… LOL)

    2. Satheesh Chandran

      Try mediaserver Killer from play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rrr.android.mediaserverkiller) and also fix one interval to kill the media server from the settings of the app.

      or You have to format your SD Card as well (even if you have lot’s of media or not (image, music and video) and reboot.
      and kindly disable the touch sounds which force to work media server in every touch of you.

      NB: Do not connect your device as Mass Storage (UMS) always good to go with Media Device (MTP).

      I have lot’s of experiance with fu***ng media server
      (once upon a time in my device – that beggar needed 62% of my battery… LoL)

      1. Techolaty

        Brilliant suggestion Satheesh, you should start your own blog as well. I really like the way you help people here. Thanks for the support. Jailani, try what Satheesh said.

          1. Yasar Shaikh

            Satheesh Chandran ..bro please suggest me a good ROM that you are using . please post a ink here too as I can see there are three several post here named MIUI or PACman. Your help will be greatly appreciated bro.
            thanks in advance.

          2. Satheesh Chandran


            Go for CM11 US, It’s stable and good one in techolaty, and it’s better than packman, only one problem is – you can’t install anything into SD Card.

            otherwise it’s perfect, i am running on it.


            and install lollipop launcher from play store – it will give your device a massive perfect look.

            if any battery issue (Mediaserver) install Media server killer from play store,
            if not – install greenify from play store, so you can boost your battery back up – up-to 1 day (for normal use) ,

            NB: do not install any cleaner like clean master or 360 scraps etc…
            because it’s waste of time, data and space… (you can do everything in manually – then why so?)

            i intalled 9 out off 10 ROMs from these guys, so i feel better is CM 11 Ultra Smooth ROM.

            Good Luck Bro,

          3. Yasar Shaikh

            thanks a lot for the link.. i am going to try it… thanks for suggestions bro.

          4. Yasar Shaikh

            Satheesh Bro… what about video playback in this Rom ? I can read In description that the videos are playing in pink and green..!!!

            I have tried this CM11 ROM.. http://techolaty.net/lenovo-a6000plus-cm11-custom-rom/
            in which camera is so bad and I was not able to save any pics captured by camera in the phone… i hope CM11 US will be a better option.

          5. Yasar Shaikh

            Satheesh bro I tried CM 11 US ROM on my A6000.

            In the CM11 US ROM I am feeling following issues
            1. Camera worked for the first time but after that whenever I am clicking camera button only dark image is there and nothing is being saved into memory.

            2. I am not able to receive anything through xender. error disk write error something.

            3. 3G data speed is too slow. I know BSNL 3G is not good but still it was running okay in stock ROM.

            4. Smartprix app is not able to use Wifi data.

            5. I can see 3 things in my device. SD card, inbuilt memory and something else. Please check below snap.

            I am so happy with your tips for increasing battery life but got disappointed when noticed above issues. Please let me know if you can help here by any means.

          6. Satheesh Chandran

            Then if you want to change your lock screen like LG knock lock – install xposed installer and download knock code, it’s awesome.

      2. Jailani Ak

        Thank you bro..but I tried it before…but the only solution is remove the file name extension of the media files..(I have a lot of full movies in my 32GB SD card)after change the file name now no problem…

  5. Vikash Shukla

    sir can u develop zen ui(asus zenfone ui) or hive ui(found in xolo) for lenovo a6000

  6. dendy

    i think a6000 doesn’t have LED notification, is it use the camera flash light? or a6000 have hidden camera on it??

  7. saikarthikeya

    Dear admin..
    before i tried this rom and found so many bugs like screen lagging, lagging while app opening,big apps in play store not downloading through mobile data (even in 3G) and asking to connect wifi for downloading it.
    pictures taken form camera is not that much good when comapred t pics taken from original camera (this is just my opinion)…i will install this rom again if these bugs are cleared…tell me any one who experienced this rom so far….hope a quick reply from u all…thank u in advance….

    1. Techolaty

      Yes true that the ROM has lots of BUGS. MIUI is good for an attractive look but in terms of performance it lacks behind other roms. Even the Stock Rom is better than MIUI. You can go for CM11 or Pacman if you want stability and performance.

      1. saikarthikeya

        do u have any idea about the release date of lollipop for Lenovo a 6000…?

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