Lenovo A6000 MIUI6 Custom ROM – Stable [Updated 17-06-15]

We hope you remember our previous post where we provided you the first MIUI Custom Rom for Lenovo A6000. Now hold on, we have the most stable version of MIUI for Lenovo A6000 now. Yes, we’ve been testing this custom rom for a while and as usual we have found that this is the most stable custom rom for Lenovo A6000 so far based on MIUI.

Before going through the guide and the files please read the message below :

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install the custom rom on your phone. If you’re unaware ofcustom roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Things required before installing MIUI custom rom on Lenovo A6000 :

1. Rooted device – You can read the guide here for rooting your Lenovo A6000/Plus

2. CWM installed – You can follow the tutorial here for installing CWM.

3. Custom Rom of MIUI – Download it from here.

4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here. ( This is the minimal edition)

5. Backup all your data.

About the ROM :

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo K30 (Works with Lenovo A6000/Plus)
ROM type:  MIUI6

ROM Size : 315 MB

Version:  5.5.29
ROM Author: FlourMo

Features of the ROM :

  • Pre-Rooted
  • Transparent status bar
  • Dual Sim options
  • Wifi direct
  • MIUI Themes
  • Custom UI
  • Theme options
  • New Lock Screen
  • Many more…

How to install MIUI Custom Rom on Lenovo A6000/Plus :

Step 1 : Copy both the files to your SD card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to goto recovery)

Step 3 :  Please take an entire backup of your current rom through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the miui custom rom.

Step 4 : Enter recovery

Step 5 : Make full wipe including “system”

Step 6 : Flash the rom and then the gapps.

Step 7 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

PS : As the ROM is default by Chinese language, please do not panic. You can download Google Keyboard from playstore and set it as your default keyboard. After that the Chinese Language problem will be solved.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.inputmethod.latin]

Screen Shots of the MIUI Custom Rom for Lenovo A6000 & Plus

NOTE : If you are facing any problem and want to report any bug, then please feel free to comment or mail us. We have tested this custom rom of MIUI for Lenovo A6000 for 3 consecutive days and then we have posted it. This is by far the most stable Lenovo A6000 MIUI Custom Rom. You will like the user interface and the rich features which are included in this rom. You can even check the screenshots in the gallery above.

Download :


Changelog :


  • Lock screen music control
  • FM Radio to continue playback
  • Speed optimization
  • Free themes
  • Status bar for WiFi
  • Network name in status bar
  • When incoming calls – LED light blinks
  • Many other new changes and improvements

[su_animate type=”tada” duration=”120″ delay=”0.5″]

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By   13 June, 2015

37 Comments on “Lenovo A6000 MIUI6 Custom ROM – Stable [Updated 17-06-15]

  1. Rishabh Ahuja

    gaaps not working followed ur instructions but it did not work

      1. Rishabh Ahuja

        play store not connecting it says retry checked it on 3 wifi

      2. Kush Bajaj

        Yep…m also getting play store error and sensors problem again…
        Idk why m getting sensors response delay problem in every rom
        Can you fix it?

  2. Vaisakh N

    Play store not connecting seems previous one is more stable than this any way thanks for upadting

  3. Rizky Wahyudi

    how to fix gapps still not connected, ive try delete the host file but its doesnt work yet.

    1. Rizky Wahyudi

      have you update the cusrom ? where is the link ? thanks before.

    2. arena99

      yes perfectly stable,.just before i commentd that task manger pinch in/out not working,after changing graphic settings optimization it works fine. this only miui6 rom is super good with some minor issues like 3.5 ,4 ,4.5 inch single hand use even smaller than given size, mi store is default, themes in chinese, copy themes.apk or some sort from global.i dont know Chinese to search themes. if possible/can remove lenovo powered by android or MI powered by android,looks like 2 boot screens at 1 place,.opened sealed box,installed screen guard,rooted using kingroot,flashed cwm with rashr flash tool, next miui6,gapps all done in 30mts, now phone works cool with miui,.good hardware with miui is superb.thanks for updating,.plz make sure you hit all major betas and final build,unlike every friday atleast once a month please update..worst part with miui team is no time limit, they keep on developing.hope they end this before my mi phone dies..:) also chinese k30 cwm only available for this a6000 plus?

  4. Dinbandhu Kumar

    i’ve tried this rom ..some issue in playstore .. playstore not detecting internet connection like wifi and 3G …

    1. Ritesh Pawar

      Reinstall GAPPS again in CWM, then go back to Playstore and you will get the Disclaimer .. Select Accept and everything will start working again.

      For some reason the Playstore is not getting logged into the system during the first install so you have to reinstall it again.

  5. Karlo Nikko

    I experienced a stuttering, lags especially when typing in keyboard (It has super delay), not responsive and low ram from previous update.. So, can I ask if all of these problems was already fixed from this newest update?

      1. Dhruv Gupta

        So far I’ve tried PAC and CM11 and secure WiFi is not connecting. It’s working on MIUI only. Can you please list the ROMs in which password-protected WiFi is working?

      2. Dhruv Gupta

        Used this rom for a few weeks and it’s become terribly slow

      3. richard elbeesa

        Update is already available now, please update it, it lags a bit, otherwise i think its stable enough!

      4. richard elbeesa

        Please update this rom as update are available and also i cannot update via the updater ???

  6. Soumodipto Bose

    hey….getting error 24 in play store….cant install google apps and other apps like supersu

    1. Ritesh Pawar

      Flash install the Google Apps once again, then reboot .. Do not do any Wipe in CWM, just go to Install Zip and select the file again, then reboot. It will work.

  7. sanu

    the 5.6.11 version is an improvement over the previce one but still the rom is slow

  8. Satheesh Chandran

    BEast of The Best…

    Torch is not working (from Drop down – Notification Panel)

    and a stuttering while typing (Stock key board & Indic keyboard from Play store)

    Hanging after uninstalling that Chinese crap..

    1. Ritesh Pawar

      Yes Torch from Notification screen does not work in 5.6.11 was working in 5.5.8

      The stuttering and lag while typing is because the Google Pinyin Keyboard is still active, either uninstall it or Freeze it with Link2SD

      The Mi Finance App is a dependant app … if we uninstall it then the phone does not come back to home screen after full shutdown ..

  9. Ritesh Pawar

    Getting a weird problem with 5.6.11 — After installing all apps and configuring the emails and all — If I shutdown the phone, (not reboot but shutdown) then the phone will get stuck at the MI logo screen will not go further, to start it up again I have to reinstall the 5.6.11 zip file. Then again, if I shutdown then again same problem so I am back to 5.5.8.

    Co-incidentally getting the same issue on 5.5.29 I have redownloaded and reinstalled both the ROMs no go.

  10. Ritesh Pawar

    5.6.25 OTA please !!

    There is an OTA update that shows as available however after downloading if I let Updater App to install it then in CWM screen the installation gets aborted, and phone reboots back to home screen.

    If I do manual OTA update in CWM then too same issue.

    How to get the OTA or can Admin please help get us the 5.6.25 ?

  11. Satheesh Chandran

    How can i get ride out this?
    tried once with Titanium_ but it’s not goingggg, app will uninstalled – but icun still there, :-(

  12. richard elbeesa

    Why cant i update via updater, it downloads the rom successfully but it cannot update it, btw i used twrp, should i used only cwm or update failure is a bug?

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