How To Install CWM/TWRP And Root Lenovo A6000/Plus

It has been very difficult for me and many other friends of mine who just bought the new Lenovo A6000/Plus Smartphone from the Flash Sale on Flipkart and are using without it being rooted. If you’ve come here regarding rooting your Lenovo A6000 then you definitely know what you are going to do.

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How To Install CWM/TWRP & Root Lenovo A6000/Plus Smartphone

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to root your phone. 

Things which you need to follow before :

  • Take a backup of your data. We don’t gurantee if something is erased. Always take precautions .
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device.
    • Goto > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
      • If Developer Options is not located under settings then enable it by going to Settings > About Phone > Device Info and tap on Build Number for about 7-8 times. And then go back and follow previous step.

  • Make sure you have at least 50% battery.
  • Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Connect your Lenovo A6000 smartphone to your PC and install the application (CDROM) which you can see in your My Computer/This PC. ( This is important, I tried many other tutorials without installing this and my phone was not showing up. But after installing this, my phone was showing up on adb)


  • Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC from here.
  • Download the following  Recovery.img and SuperSu Files for Lenovo A6000/Plus from the below:
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Installing CWM or TWRP On Lenovo A6000/Plus

Step 1 : Extract the files which you downloaded.

Step 2 : Copy the recovery.img file to C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot or C:Program FilesMinimal ADB and Fastboot directory.

Step 3 : Open the C:Program Files (x86)Minimal ADB and Fastboot directory and press and hold shift key and right click anywhere inside the folder at the empty space and choose open command window here.

Step 4 : Now in CMD type:

adb devices

It will show something like this


Step 5 : Now type

adb reboot bootloader

This will reboot your device into Bootloader / Fastboot Mode.

Step 6: Now type

fastboot boot recovery.img

Once flashed type the following command to reboot Lenovo A6000.

fastboot reboot

Now you have successfully installed CWM on your Lenovo A6000 smartphone. The next step would be rooting your device.

Rooting Lenovo A6000/Plus

Step 1 : Copy the downloaded file in the root folder of your SD card.

Step 2 : Now in CMD type:

adb reboot recovery

This will boot Lenovo A6000 into Recovery Mode.

Step 3 : Once you land into the Recovery Mode, choose install from SD card and choose

Step 4 : When the installation is done, Reboot your device.

Step 5 : Download Root Checker app from Playstore and check your device status.

It should be rooted by now like this


Happy rooting, if you’ve liked our tutorial for installing CWM and  Rooting Lenovo A6000 then you can help others too by sharing.

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By   6 February, 2015

118 Comments on “How To Install CWM/TWRP And Root Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Azar

    Thanks for the share that worked for me but each and every time i log in recovery. it only loads the default recovery. What should i do?

    1. rockuppl

      Author has presented a very good neat guide for us
      but my friend to flash CWM u have to write diff. command , the 1 which author wrote is just to boot the recovery one time
      if u have to permanently replace stock recovery to CWM in fastboot mode write this {without inverted commas}
      “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”

  2. lakshay

    e: footer is wrong
    e: signature verification method failed
    installation aborted
    what do i now

      1. wahed

        dude i am getting this same thing i get this error when i go select apply update from sd card and then select supersu folder

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      Even I am not able to boot to CWM at the moment, I updated it and since then I am receiving problems. I am not a developer though but what I did I wrote here.

      1. rockuppl

        Author has presented a very good neat guide for us
        but my friend to flash CWM u have to write diff. command , the 1 which author wrote is just to boot the recovery one time
        if u have to permanently replace stock recovery to CWM in fastboot mode write this {without inverted commas}
        “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”

  3. Sai

    Thank u amrit..done it successfully..
    But I need critical help from you…
    After rooting , ive installed Uninstaller to delete bloatware…
    But unknowingly I’ve deleted Lenovo launcher , lenovo weather ,lenovo contact manager(com.ideafriend)
    Now im using nova launcher and third party contacts manager called contacts+..
    If u kindly extract the copies of those three applications and send it to me ..I’ll be so glad…
    Bcoz I’m unable to find the stock ROM of lenovo a6000 anywhere in the internet…

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      AP, as of now I did as I found this way. There maybe some other ways as well. But I do not find any harm installing CWM to root your phone.

  4. hypnotic

    Will installing void future updates??
    N how to backup full stock rom?
    Plz reply… Thanks

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      You will still receive the future OTA updates. Do not worry, I just updated it today.
      PS : After updating, it gets unrooted. You’ll have to follow the procedure again from above.

  5. A.A.H

    the step rooting lenovo a6000 the step 3 in cmd did not work …and I copy the file to the sd card but it did not work why

  6. saarim ahmed

    Rooted succesfully. Installed cwm recovery successfully. But now my playstore is not working. It says there’s no network connection. Please help. And thanks for the guide to root. Thank you very much and please help me with my playstore

    1. Veer Amrit Singh

      Make sure the Data connectivity is turned on. Or you can always do a reset of your phone. Please take a backup before doing that. If the problem still persists then reply again.

      1. saarim ahmed

        Actually my google account is not syncing. And the playstore is not getting any internet connection though I have a working internet. Let me try to reset phone. Lets see if that works.

        1. Saarim Ahmed

          I have reset the phone but nothing happened. Someone told me to edit the host file in the root folder, it worked. Everything is working great now.

          I have two problem that I am facing since when I bought the phone.
          1. When I go to recent apps and close the apps at once, it force stops the background apps too like Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, etc. What to do?

          2. My GPS doesn’t get locked whenever I use the Maps or navigation.

          Please help me with that asap

          1. Veer Amrit Singh

            I am glad you have solved the issue. But the Background apps getting forced stopped is quite strange. Also the GPS on this device is not upto the mark.

  7. Saarim Ahmed

    I read from somewhere that when the phone is in power saving mode, it usually force stops the background running apps. Now I am not getting the option for power saving mode to switch it off in the settings. Where will I get that?

    1. Administrator

      You can use exposed framework app along with greenify module in it. I will write a guide on it soon. Please give me some time. It saves the battery a lot and also doesn’t shuts down the apps in the background, perhaps it hibernates/deep sleeps it.

  8. Nishant verma

    how to revert back to stock recovery as i had flashed cwm by using command fastboot flash revovery recovery.img…so anyone can provide original stock recovery

    1. Administrator

      Why would you require that? CWM won’t bring any harm to your device. Its just a window to enter custom rom installation menu.

      1. deepak garia

        admin bro it require when officially lenovo give lollipop then who replace stock recovery with cwm recovery then this person wont able to update phone

  9. Mithun

    Hi Friend my phone does not reboot in fastboot afet writting command “adb reboot bootloader”

  10. Vignesh

    Hi this is awesome tutorial … You are good at android.. !!

    Can you please tell me , is there any options available to upgrade lenovo a6000 to Lollipop ?

    1. Admin

      Thank you. There is a custom rom of lollipop for lenovo a6000 but it has bugs. Will try to get a fixed one.

      1. sai karthikeya josyula

        dear admin please provide estimstion release date for release of custom rom of lenovo a6000 so that we will wait for that..if it takes more time then we will install this rom.eagerly waiting for lollipop because a7000 is runnning with lollipop which is very attractive and smoooooth..hope a quick reply from you.

        1. Admin

          It should be releasing by next month, officially it is mentioned in the second quarter of this year. So we will have to wait till next month.

          1. sai karthikeya josyula

            thank you for giving reply..i agree with you but they may release lollipop in any of those 6 month…thats why iam waiting for lollipop custom rom..

  11. Aditya

    Does otg support can be enbled after rooting lenovo a6000 with apps like otg helper.because in many phones otg can be enabled after rooting.Please reply asap that can otg Be enabled after rooting lenovo a6000

    1. Admin

      No, it cannot be enabled. This feature is hardware dependent, which is not available in Lenovo A6000.

  12. Vimal Kumar

    Hi Friends,
    I have finished root by installing adb fastboo in Ubuntu 14.04.
    Process was very smooth.

  13. akshay

    there is no root folder in my sd card to copy that file and as i copied it ib sd card itself after adb reboot recovery step when i select apply update from sd card it shows the opt

  14. kapil

    dear admin is this method works on both device lenovo a6000 and lenovo a6000 plus and can we used all custom roms for lenovo a6000 in a6000 plus

  15. Abhijit

    Dear admin i have rooted lenovo a6000 plus using Kingroot app . Is there any way to install CWM recovery without using pc.

    1. Admin

      I am sorry but you will have to use the PC/Laptop for the same. If you find something like that Abhijit then please inform us as well.

  16. abhimanyu

    phone not getting restart after giving command fastboot reboot
    cmd showing waiting for decive
    if i explicitly reboot from phone then i get stock recovery pls help.

    1. Admin

      Have you taken a backup of your stock rom? If not then you can download the stock firmware from here and flash it. You will be able to get the future updates officially.

      1. yashsodha

        Hey, I would be grateful to you if you could provide me only the recovery ( .img ) file, so that I dont have to download the whole stock firmware ( approx 1 GB ) from here. Thanks in advance :)

  17. aditi

    I have rooted my lenovo a6000 with CWM and also have taken backup of stock ROM. I would like to know that can I remove the backup of stock ROM files from SD card and store it at separate safe place and when ever i like to restore back stock ROM, just copy the back-up files in SD card again. Will it work?

    1. Admin

      Yes you can keep them on your latop/pc. Whenever you feel like restoring it back. Copy it back and then restore it. It is as simple as you said Aditi.

    2. yashsodha

      Hey Aditi, I would be grateful to you if you could provide me only the recovery ( .img ) file, so that I dont have to download the whole stock firmware ( approx 1 GB ) from here. Thanks in advance :)

  18. sudhakar

    Is it possible to use lenovo a6000 mEthod in a6000 plus,I doubt it,bcuz both configuration are different so how it is possible dude,help me out,I am using a6000plus can I use this tech?

  19. Sriram

    Broda….does this rooting process and recovery images and Pure stock ROM work on 6000plus same ?????
    did yu tried in real time scenario, if yes confidently then only post methods ….

    1. Admin

      Use Kingroot if you’re not confident to use the above method. Lenovo A6000 and Plus are same models. Just the storage and ram is increased in Lenovo A6000 Plus. If you want to try a safe and easiest method then try installing kingroot application and root your device Sriram – Download it from here

  20. vasu

    bro in the command center it shows waiting for devices in the second last command.please tell what to do!

  21. vasu

    hey instead of install from sd card it shows update from SD card i did that and then i clicked root su….
    then it says aborted

    1. Satheesh Chandran

      switch off your device and press Vol+ and power button to rec mode

  22. Sanal Vikram

    On CWM recovery, while clearing the /data partitions, I cleared the /boot partitions also, as I believe. After restart I can not go anywhere except the default recovery (invoked by power + volume up + down buttons) console. Can I install the bootloader from ADB sideload or from copying from an external SD card?

      1. Devendra Mehra

        I just bricked my phone..
        I have backup but don’t know how to restore
        Please help

  23. Sudharshan

    Can anyone provide me with recovery.IMG of Lenovo a6000+ plus

        1. storm166

          After install on my phone and rebooting the twrp recovery is still there i cant remove it :(

  24. Abdul Razzaq

    I have rooted my Lenovo A 6000 + by using your method. But now i am getting error ” unfortunately ……. has stopped” all apps are closing by giving the error. My sd card is also not showing in MX player but it is shown in File browser. Please help me to solve this issue.

  25. ajay

    i rooted my a6000 and after few hours it crashed and restarted, now its not showing anything after lenovo startup screen plz help

  26. Vokkus Kreatif

    Is it possible to install CWM without USB Debugging? Because my phone got soft bricked after installed system update ( my phone is rooted ) and I didn’t activate USB Debugging before.

  27. Avishek Dey

    I rooted succefully with the above process, but now the new Firmware OTA update needs an unrooted phone.
    Can you please tell me the way to unroot it who had done rooting with the above process. Cause the update is not getting installed for the root and those who tried it to unroot with kingsroot getting their system crashed.

    Please help with the unroot process asap… Thanks in advance.

    1. Techolaty

      First thing is if your device is rooted, OTA update doesn’t bothers if your device is rooted or non rooted. Try to install the Stock ROM for Lenovo A6000 and you will get a non rooted device.

      1. Avishek Dey

        Yup the device will be non-rooted but I have to stick with the a6000 specs, as all over the net who flashed a6000 rom in 6000+ stucked to the 6000 specification. And there is not actual solution available to anyone.

  28. Satyajit Korlam

    I have flashed the custom recovery but every time I am getting the Stock Recovery again n again

  29. شارب.بيره ومخاوي اميره

    I did all steps but the root is not complite ?

  30. Rahul Thaker

    after installing twrp recovery when you boot again into recovery mode stock recovery opens

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