How To Install CWM And Root Lenovo A7000 [Updated 16-06-15]

In our last post How to Install CWM and Root Lenovo A6000 , we got a massive response from our viewers and we helped many of our friends rooting and helping in installing custom roms on their devices. As you might have seen on news about the sale of Lenovo A7000 which was sold on Flipkart on 22nd April, 2015. All of the units got sold in a fraction of seconds. Well if all the units where sold then it means that there are many users who would be willing to get this device rooted with a custom recovery of CWM. So the wait is over and we have brought you the Recovery files for installing CWM and root Lenovo A7000

How To Install CWM/TWRP Recovery And Root Lenovo A7000 Smartphone

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to root your phone. If you’re unable to boot up your device or cannot root then it is not our fault. We warned you already about this.

Things which you need to follow before :

  • Take a backup of your data. We don’t guarantee if something is erased. Always take precautions .
  • Enable USB Debugging on your device.
    • Goto > Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.
      • If Developer Options is not located under settings then enable it by going to Settings > About Phone > Device Info and tap on Build Number for about 7-8 times. And then go back and follow previous step.


  • Make sure the battery is 50% charged or more.
  • Go to Settings > Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
  • Lenovo Flash Tools
  • SuperSu
  • Recovery image for Lenovo A7000 (Provided by puchupechu & Maxritz from xda forums)

Pre-Requisites :

How to Install CWM or TWRP Recovery in Lenovo A7000

Step 1 : Extract the Flash Tool – Lenovo file and then open flash_tool.exe

And then Select MT6752_Android_scatter.txt. It will automatically select the Lenovo A7000 model


Step 2 : Click on Options then Download and make sure DA DL all with Checksum is checked


Step 3 :  Select the Download Only, and then click Download


Step 4 :

  • Now just click on checkbox recovery and browse to the extracted files and locate recovery.img
  • Turn off your Lenovo A7000 and remove the battery
  • Click the big download button on top right and connect the phone with usb cable in switch off condition.
  • Now you will see the red stripe showing download percentage.


Step 5 :  Your phone is successfully installed  CWM now


Steps to enter Recovery mode in Lenovo A7000

  • Press and hold the Volume Down Button  + Volume Up Button + Power Button.
  • When you see the Boot Screen, Release the Power Button but keep the Volume Buttons pressed until you see the Recovery Screen.

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How to Root Lenovo A7000

Pre-Requisites :

  • CWM or TWRP recovery installed ( The previous method which we did )
  • SuperSu – Download it from here

Step 1 : Copy the file in your SD card root folder

Step 2 : Enter/Reboot to recovery mode on your device

Step 3 : Select the file and click update to root lenovo a7000

You can confirm your device is rooted or not by downloading the Root Check application from Playstore

[appbox googleplay com.jrummyapps.rootchecker]


Updated Clock Work Mode Recovery Images :

Updated TWRP Recovery Images :

SuperSu (ver-2.46) :

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By   25 April, 2015

102 Comments on “How To Install CWM And Root Lenovo A7000 [Updated 16-06-15]

  1. Bidyadhar Mohanty

    Thank u very much man!! u saved my life!! I searched the whole internet but found it here!!! awesome man!!! But talking of custom roms, is it possible if souce code of kernel isnt available as mtk doesnt release it??

    1. Admin

      You are welcome Bidyadhar. Happy to serve you, well the source code might be available. But expecting it to be released quite later.

  2. Raj

    Thanks man :) it worked like charm. I’ve been searching all over the internet. Your guide is awesome.

    1. Admin

      Steps to enter Recovery mode in Lenovo A7000
      Press and hold the Volume Down Button + Power Button.
      When you see the Boot Screen, Release the Power Button but keep the Volume Buttons pressed until you see the Recovery Screen.

  3. Kishore Datta

    Hey Guys, I am a Lenovo A7000-a, While lloking for the stock ROM of that device I found the Open Source Code of that device. I am posting here wondering if I could be any help for development.

    Download Link:

    Download page:

    File NAme:
    Inside the Zip folder Name: AIO_ROW_OpenSource

    Lenovo A7000 Build Number: A7000-a_S129_150324_ROW

  4. vs

    Thanks for the working root method. Successfully rooted my phone. Waiting for cm12

  5. Kabeer Adam

    Admin, I have a doubt. After clicking on download. We have to disconnect the mobile from system and turn it off right? Explain me this

    1. Admin

      When an OTA update is there, it unroots the device. I do not have a special method for unrooting the device at the moment.

  6. nijad

    its not working. if its a working method all questions above will be answered. again fooling us

    1. Admin

      You can find the rooting method somewhere else Nijad. It is already mentioned in the DISCLAIMER in the post that if you’re unable to root then it is not our problem. We’re here to help each other and this is not a support forum that it is must to root your device from us. Rest is upto you before making any negative comment. You’re not bound to use our blog only. We have helped a lot of people and yes I wasn’t replying because I was not online.

  7. babu

    Hey admin I can’t root I follow all your steps BT can’t not please help me when I power of my phone and disconnect USB then remove battery after that again connect USB there is no root is there internet connection required for download. Plz help.

  8. habib abid

    hi there i have tried to root my lenovo a7000 but my system not detecting my phone after
    Step 4 : Turn off your device > Remove the battery > Now connect the USB

    1. Admin

      Sorry for that confusion. You need to turn off your device and then remove the battery. Reconnect the battery and then the usb. Then the system will read your device.

    1. Admin

      I am sorry, but without pc it is not possible at the moment. 3rd party apps like Framaroot or Kingroot ain’t working. You’ll have to wait.

  9. aki

    Can someone upload the root/system folder of lenovo a7000.
    Required for development purpose.
    thanks .

  10. aki

    Can you upload the root/system folder of lenovo a7000.
    Required for development purpose.
    thanks .

    1. Admin

      The source code is available on Lenovo Site. Read the previous comments please. Someone posted the links for it.

  11. habib abid

    Something is missing you need to reattach the battery it will install mt65xx driver
    or you can download from here

    and make sure u have enough battery

    thanks to techolaty admin

  12. babu

    hey admin after connect battery and usb cabi le i press volume up then it shows some chainess language then what can i do i cannot understant plz reply.

  13. prashant rana

    Bro rooted but when i am installing games like asphalt 8 and modern combat 5 from file explorer on lenovo a7000 it not installing by giving message that
    But the games are running on other device with low specs.Please help or give reason for this happening.

    1. Admin

      Download the new recovery image uploaded here and re root your device. Thanks for your patience.


    Hi, Lenovo A7000_a model having Mediatek MT6752m chipset only. But you gave a Android_scatter.txtMT6752 file. So it may be wrong. please give a proper file.

  15. Shekhar

    Unable to install driver in windows 8.1, some third party error pls reply.

  16. Ashish Sharma

    Finally I could root my device. Thanks for the updated files.

    1. AJ

      Hi Ashish, can you help me please….I think I’m doin’ somethin’ wrong

  17. Bilop Kayle

    are these files of k50 note? anyways had problem with the drivers but now it is fully rooted. thanks mate

    1. Admin

      Yes they are and also compatible with Lenovo A7000. I am sorry to hear the problem with the drivers you faced. But welcome and glad you figured it out and rooted your device.

    2. diru

      I know the admin is doing his best in order to help root this device. The most recent drivers are not doing any good in my case,either. Giving up my hope of rooting My Len a7000.

        1. diru

          AJ could you please share how you pulled if off? . I mean details like Win OS, drivers used(if any other ones,provide links)

          1. Admin

            Hello AJ, the link you provided is perfect but inside it the tutorial which is posted have links which are incomplete. Could you update it? I will post another thread and give you credits for that. Please mention your blog address if any.

            Thanks and Regards

          2. diru

            The link you provided for recovery does not work.Please upload it on some other site

          3. AJ

            Hello Admin and Diru,

            Firstly I would like to thank this guy ‘chikkarajusk’ (from the xda-developers) who actually helped me in getting this done, without him I would’ve gotten no where…I only modified the last line…so all the credit should go to that guy…I just attached the pieces….Here is the updated link, and I do not own the contents of it by any means…all are provided from various sources…like I stated…joined the pieces together


  18. imran

    I cant understand how to use these file
    Someone tell me how to use these files and root my phone

    1. AJ

      mee too….I’m unable to get this done…after clickin’ on download I turned off my phone and removed the battery, and after connecting it through USB, nothing happening, tried to enter the recovery mode but no success…can someone please help us

  19. imrAN

    hey guy my phone is bricked plz help me how to unbrick my phone
    lenovo a7000

    1. Admin

      Head over to xda forum for the solution my friend. Search for Lenovo A7000 there. Thanks.

    1. Admin

      It is working, you have to follow the instructions carefully. If you still have some problem then you can search for rooting Lenovo A7000 on xda forums. Thanks

  20. sreenath

    While I am installing games(mc4,asphlat etc) I got this error – the package duplication permission null
    I read your article. But my doubt is that can I play these games in my lenovo a7000 without rooting my phone. Any solutions??

    1. AJ

      Hello Sreenath,

      Me too have the same problem…but I know one thing for sure…you phone should be rooted for playing these games…
      (correct me If I’m wrong)…yet to find solution for this package duplication permission null thing…you said ‘you read article’…may I know which one?

      1. sreenath

        I meant this article.
        Are you sure , that is rooting necessary for playing this game. why this happens so? My friends with low specifications devices are able to play this game [without any rooting].

        1. AJ

          okie…yep you are right…game can be played without rooting too but rooting offers some cheats..

          1. sreenath

            But I can’t install these games in my lenovo a7000 ( not rooted)
            Any solutions for the error ‘ package duplication…. Null error ‘
            Help me

    2. Ashok Kumar Varma

      Asphalt and mc4 games can be installed in Lenovo a7000 irrespective of root… i think you are trying to install modded apk’s… try to download from store.. Hope this helps .. Thank you!!

      1. sreenath

        Yes, you are right Ashok.

        Also, when I am trying yo root my lenovo a7000 (by above article) my phone not recognizing.
        Me also tried aj’s method in windows 8. But nothing happened. Is windows 7 must needed for rooting my lenovo a7000

  21. Sarthak Vinchurkar

    I tried to install spider man, assassin’s creed, modern combat, asphalt from my SD card ( I have their apk files). But while installing they are giving error that “App not installed. App duplicate permission null”. I am very irritated of this error! Plz tell me that will they install normally just after rooting?? Or do I need to install CM 12 also?? And will they surely install after this??

  22. Sonu Varma

    Thanks for the updated TWRP and SuperSu. I was able to root my device. previous method and files never worked for me/

  23. vijay rathi

    awesome admin awesome…. i finally rooted the phone… plz provide some custom roms like u did for lenovo a6000

  24. Hugetmore Otodomas

    sir, is this things work for windows 8.1 ? i want to flash twrp on my laptop. sorry for english


    Sir this is work for my Lenovo K3 Note? please guide to me how to root my mobile i am trying root on mobile first time i have 0 knowledge for Root

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