How To Access Two Computers With One Keyboard & Mouse

If you’re a person who tends to work on two computers simultaneously and have the tendency to loose your patience while accessing two mouse and keyboards then we have a solution for that for you. You can access two computers simultaneously with just one Keyboard & Mouse.

It is a very simple guide which will require 1-2 minutes of your precious time. You do not require any additional cable/wire to attach the keyboard & mouse but just a 1 mb file which will save a lot of time of yours and let you keep your patience.

How To Access Two Computers With One Keyboard & Mouse

Mouse Without Borders is an official tool from Microsoft which can do these multi tasks without any glitch and the product that makes you feel the boss of your devices. You can use this tool Mouse Without Borders to copy text or drag and drop across both the computers.


Steps :

  1. Download Mouse Without Borders from here
  2. Once you’ve downloaded it, install it and open it
  3. Now you’ll get the Security key & Device name, note it down
  4. Start your other computer and download Mouse Without Borders
  5. Now on the installation window select
    • “Yes, I have installed Mouse Without Borders on other computer”
  6. Now feed the details of Security Key and Device name which you noted down at step 3

You’re done now, explore yourself and have a hassle free life of accessing two individual keyboard & mouse each time on two different computers.

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By   10 October, 2015

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