Eight Things That Make Apple iPhone 5S an Excellent Mid-Range Smartphone

The iPhone 5S is clearly no longer a flagship, but it is still a lovable smartphone, even as we are expecting to get the iPhone 6S. The iPhone 5S is based on a solid foundation that’s first introduced by its predecessor, the iPhone 5. Here are great things about iPhone 5S that could make it a wonderful mid-range device:


1.    It offers longevity: The iPhone 5S will be a device known for its longevity. The device supports the new iOS 9 and the new software version is also available for the older iPhone 4S. So, we could be certain that the iPhone 5S may get major software updates for two more years. Many Android models are unable to match such a support. The iOS offers improved performance on older models and iPhone 5S will get the same benefit. With excellent software support, the iPhone 5S will have plenty of life left and this makes the phone a good investment for people who are expecting to use the phone for a bit longer.
2.    It is cheaper: Because there’s a newer iPhone model, Apple no longer considers the iPhone 5S a flagship and this result in a reduced price tag. At the moment, the iPhone 5S is available for $99 with 2-year contract, a far cry from the original price in 2013, at $199 with the same contract agreement. Compared to other iOS models, the iPhone 5S is quite affordable and users should absolutely love it. At its price point, it is an excellent mid-range smartphone that’s better than other models. It offers outstanding software support and the reasonably powerful hardware should keep it afloat longer in the market.

3.    Solid, durable design: With the combination of glass and metal, the iPhone 5S offers great industrial design. If we purchase it right now, it should still be usable for more than two years. Regardless of its durability, the iPhone 5S is also lightweight and slim. It’s sturdy, feels great in the hand and light. These are essential factors if we are planning to use the phone for much of the day. It slips easily in our pocket and even the pocket of our tight jeans. The iPhone 5S is a huge plus if we often do a lot of walking, because there won’t be any added bulk. It’s worth mentioning that with a slim, form-fitting case, the iPhone 5S will still be appealing, because there will be no significant addition in weight and thickness.

4.    Touch ID: It’s the first iPhone model with Touch ID sensor and it is one of the most usable features. In essence, we just can’t live without Touch ID after we use it for a while. Touch ID should bring an extra layer of security and additional convenience. Users can place their fingers on the physical Home button to immediately use the phone. There are no more swipes and passcodes to access the homescreen and other essential features. It may not sound like much, but this can be very helpful if we use the phone more than a few dozen times each day. Another great thing about the sensor is its impressive accuracy. Apple’s fingerprint sensor is essentially better than the same component on high-end Android smartphones. Obviously, we won’t get fingerprint scanning feature on most mid-range Android models.

5.    Plenty of carrier options: Users will certainly the amount of alternatives and options when it comes to carrier contracts. Many Android devices are available from fewer carriers, while some models are offered only by one carrier. With iPhone 5S, users will have tons of options when choosing data plan, voice plan, prices, network coverage and other factors.

6.    Retina display: It is clear that many smartphone makers are already shifting to Quad HD screen resolution and higher. However, the iPhone 5S with its Retina display still holds up quite well. The phone ages very well and it is pretty much usable for today’s situation. Content should still look wonderful on the 4-inch display of iPhone 5S. Games look great, text look crisp and the web interface looks sharp. Virtually all apps in the App Store are still compatible with the iPhone 5S. Although Retina Display has smaller pixel density than 1080p screens, many people don’t need the added sharpness because it is already visually undetectable. It isn’t the sharpest screen on the market, but it is still quite solid in the mid-range category.
7.    Powerful processor: The iPhone 5S is equipped with a capable processor and M7 co-processor. There are also various sensors that help us track biometric and health data. Long after its release, the iPhone 5S is still more than capable to run high-end games and apps in App Store. Thanks to close integration between iOS and the powerful processor, users will get very fluid and fast performance. With the iPhone 5S gamers will get top-notch performance and the new iOS 9 already improves things further.
8.    Tons of accessories: The iPhone series appeal users with deep array of accessories and if we want a solid case, there are hundreds of options in the market. People who look for great docks can find them online. There are many useful accessories for the iPhone 5S and users can purchase them at attractive pricing. The extensive selections of accessories should be something that we really love about the iPhone 5S and we should be able to enjoy the phone even more.

By   3 September, 2015

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