Download Cyanogenmod 11 For Lenovo A6000/Plus

After a week of usage of Cyanogenmod 11 on Lenovo A6000/Plus we are going to present you with your favorite Cyanogenmod 11 for Lenovo A6000/Plus.

Many of our viewers were requesting for CM12 but as the official version is still on Kitkat, we cannot take the risk for testing it on our current device. But you can still have the same features and functionality of Cyanogenmod in the 11 version which is based on Kitkat 4.4.4


Before going through the guide and the files please read the message below :

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install thecustom rom on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Pre-requisites :

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About the ROM :

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo K30 (Works with Lenovo A6000/Plus)
ROM type:  CM11 (Cyanogenmod 11)
ROM Author: liuxingghost

Features of Cyanogenmod 11:

  • Custom UI
  • Heads bar
  • Theme options
  • New Lock Screen
  • Many more…

How to install CM11 Custom Rom on Lenovo A6000/Plus :

Step 1 : Copy the CM11 zip, gapps zip and Supersu zip in your SD Card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to goto recovery)

Step 3 :  Please take an entire backup of your current rom through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the cyanogenmod 11 custom rom.

Step 4 : Enter recovery mode

Step 5 : Make full wipe including “system” (dalvik cache and others)

Step 6 : Flash the rom and then the gapps and then Supersu to get a rooted device

Step 6 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

Screen Shots of the Cyanogenmod 11 for Lenovo A6000/Plus

Working List : 

  • Wifi Tethering
  • Double SIM
  • Auto Rotation
  • Auto Brightness
  • File Manager
  • Install Apps on SD Card
  • Bluetooth
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Ok Google
  • Screen-Off Animation
  • Theme engine [CM]
  • Heads Up [CM]
  • Privacy Guard [CM]
  • WhisperPush [CM]
  • Blacklist [CM]
  • Mobile Data
  • Mic
  • Audio
  • GPS

Bugs found : 

  • Vibrate while Ringing not working.
  • Either Ringing or Vibrating Working only.

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By   16 April, 2015

39 Comments on “Download Cyanogenmod 11 For Lenovo A6000/Plus

  1. Sriram

    We’re literally looking for cm12.1 with Network working on it.. Cm11 outdated, if yu’ve tht much knowledge on Kernals. Try to do working SIM card networks on cm12 & cm12.1 for Lenovo a6000 ….

    1. Admin

      Unfortunately I am not a developer. I wish I was so that I could have released my own custom rom. Anyways CM11 isn’t bad either.

  2. Anshul

    Thnx for helping me to root my phone but my videos are playing green and pink in YouTube. Please help

  3. Himanshu

    cyanogen os rom also there for lenevo a6000…far better than these roms.

    1. Admin

      Yes it is the best, so far it is my favorite due to the battery backup. Even Pacman gives the same amount of battery backup of 1 day and more.

  4. Raptor

    Hello! It’s works, and my K3 is really good now. Thank you!
    I’ve a little problem. Is it possible to install back the original FM radio player?

      1. Raptor

        Hmm, Just noticed it. After installation in the about section of my phone i see K30-T instead of K30-W, did i messed up something? or installed a wrong rom? :
        3G connection isn’t working just 2G.

  5. john

    Hey, nice post i rooted easy, but when i boot to recovery its dont boot to CWM. Only if i boot recovery.img i can go on it other way i boot to the standart recovery.But i am rooted, so the deal its i make fastboot boot revovery.img and after in CWM i want install the ROM but i got aborted. Why? if you got idea i am checking on the web too

    1. Admin

      Same happens with me as well. Sometimes the buttons work and sometimes it doesn’t. So I go through flashing recovery.img each time I need to enter CWM. You can try Philz Recovery as well if you want. I will write a guide for it.

  6. john

    OK i flash with CWM he is on my phone. Now impossible to install CM11. i tested NubiaUI but when i run it i got so much bug so i backup again with stock rom. I tested different Rom Cm11 from k30t and k30w. No succes same error : E error in /data/media/lenovo-a6000…………………………… (status 7) installation aborted. Tks to find a way

      1. john

        yes, i found a new ROM on Russian forum,i deleted in scrypt of rom (assert). We will see, and some people speak on the net that i need test with cwm v6.0.5.3 i got the v6.0.5.1. If i found a way i will told you mister admin :)


      try doing factory reset and then installing the rom. btw u should really try Cyanogen OS for this device. its great and stable.

  7. Propan

    But, this rom still have bugs. Camera and soundrecorder didnt work perfectly.

  8. lin

    once you are rooted.
    use the flashify app(download from playstore).
    put recovery.img(CWM recovery from the lik provided by ADMIN ) in your SD card.
    open flashify.

    back up system recovery using flashify.

    open ‘flash recovery’ option
    select recovery.img from the SD card.

    this will install CWM recovery permanently.
    i faced the same problem,this worked for me.

    thank you.

  9. Sharan S

    Can someone tell me which rom gives max battery and lag free performance ? I tried CM11, MIUI, Cyanogen OS. I havent tried pacman yet. I’d be really grateful to someone who can suggest me the best out of these roms

  10. Rishabh

    where is the option of Install Apps on SD Card and where is list of sd card storage on app manager

  11. Vimal Kumar Vazhappally

    CM 11 is run smooth on Lenovo A6000. We need to install ES File Explorer to access files. I installed NQ Booster to good performance. No other problems detected yet. Thank you for the post.

  12. Dharmanshu

    Is this rom stable and can I use this on my primary device?? ..

  13. Mitko

    i have a little bit of a stupid question but it is my first time with Sp flash tool, where to find the Scatter file for CM11?

    1. Vaibhav Raj

      You don’t need to flash it via SP tool. You just need to root ur phone >install cwm recovery >copy both the rom and gapps to ur internal memory >go to cwm recovery and select option install zip> first, install ur rom and then gapps at the same time in recovery menu. :)

  14. Mitko

    where to find Scatter file for Cyanogenmode 11?
    It is my first time using SP flash tool and idk how to use it

  15. Kush

    Hey Admin i found a solution for the ringing and vibration not working at same time…
    Here’s the solution
    1.Pull down the notifications bar/slider and switch to the Quick Toggles
    2.Tap the (Plus) icon
    3.Tap the Add tile to choose a new toggle for this position. Then scroll down and choose Sound
    4.Press back or home key to exit the edit mode.
    5.Pull down the notifications bar again and switch to Quick Toggles. Once here, tap on the Sound tile once or twice till it shows the merged Vibrate and Ring icon

    I works for me 😉 ….
    Keep working…All The Best :)

  16. lukasz

    Is it the same ROM, which was released for K30-W (Lemon)?
    Which languages are supported? Does it support Polish?

  17. Maarten

    Guys, does anybody know wether there is already a rom released supporting Dutch language?

  18. Aman Singh

    giving bad battery backup .45% battery consumed by mediaserver…how to fix this

    1. Shubham Kumar

      You have re flash it again as given above. My set is giving 1 day battery back up

  19. Shubham Kumar

    Why it is showing 2 storage? One is ‘0’ and 2nd one is showing “sdcard0”.
    kaam to storage ka 1 hi jaisa kr rha h but jitne bhi multimedia application hti h eg gallery, wo 1 hi pic ko 2 time show krta h. Sir ji isko kaise fix krnge.

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