Lenovo A6000 Custom Rom – NubiaUI [Updated 29-07-2015]

Hello friends, we just posted one of your favorite custom rom for Lenovo A6000 & Plus Cyanogenmod 11 and now we bring you another wonderful custom rom named NubiaUI.

This custom rom is packed with lots of features and is based on the stock rom with modified themes, drop down chameleon status bar and much more which you can see at the bottom of the post in screenshots. NibiaUI is generally focused more on the user interface and also the performance is quite well and you will love the other features available in it.


Before going through the guide and the files please read the message below :

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install thecustom rom on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Pre-requisites :

1. Rooted device – You can read the guide here for rooting your Lenovo A6000 & Plus

2. CWM installed – You can follow the tutorial here for installing CWM.

3. Custom Rom of NUBIA-UI – Download it from here.

4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here. ( This is the minimal edition)

5. Backup all your data.

About the ROM :

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo K30 (Works with Lenovo A6000/Plus)
ROM Author: liuxingghost

Features of NUBIA UI

  • Pre-Rooted – Supersu installed
  • Drop down Chameleon Status Bar
  • Lunar Lock Screen
  • Advanced Setting for Header
  • CRT Screen Lock with Switch Camera, Switch Lock Screen,
  • Display Calendar in Screen Lock
  • Double Tap to Unlock Screen
  • Virtual Power Buttons
  • Google Assistant
  • Xposed Status Bar (Two Styles)
  • Custom Label Status Bar Speed Switch (Three models)
  • Control Button Switches
  • many more…

How to install NUBIA-UI Custom Rom

Step 1 : Copy the rom zip, gapps zip and Supersu zip in your SD Card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to goto recovery)

Step 3 :  Please take an entire backup of your current rom through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the Nubia-ui custom rom.

Step 4 : Enter recovery mode

Step 5 : Make full wipe including “system” (dalvik cache and others)

Step 6 : Flash the rom and then the gapps

Step 6 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

Screen Shots of Lenovo A6000 NUBIA UI Custom ROM

More Updated Screenshots :

The keyboard is Chinese language support and also English language, but it is recommended that you download Google Keyboard and install it. After installing it, you can go to Settings and then under language & Keyboard settings you can chose English (US) as your default language for keyboard.

[appbox googleplay com.google.android.inputmethod.latin ]

Changelog :

  • WiFi bug fixed
  • Google Apps error fixed
  • Camera app crash fixed
  • Authentication error fixed
  • Many more bugs fixed

Download the updated NUBIAUI ROM – 29th July, 2015 here  – Techolaty.Net_NubiaUI_V1_Lenovo-A6000.zip

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By   21 April, 2015

59 Comments on “Lenovo A6000 Custom Rom – NubiaUI [Updated 29-07-2015]

    1. Admin

      Yes in the status bar after the network icon, you can see in the screenshot something is written in Chinese. I was unable to remove it.

  1. vikas

    It is showing footer missing and giving authentication error ,why so?

  2. Satheesh Chandran

    Kindly fix status bar chinese issue. and waiting for the best update,

  3. dendy

    i can’t use the “double tap to unlock screen”
    is it like LG phone dt2w? must i to activated this feature first, or its active automatically?

    and, this rom was amazing.. thx before

  4. Satheesh Chandran

    The first one from Notification (Status Bar) WELCOME
    Second is Some Sheep Day (some Chinese fest or something) from Lock screen (above the Date)

    Kindly Remove these…
    it’s awesome ROM, Cute and nice UI and it’s working fine. Good Animations and Good Camera and etc….
    Nice In Call UI,

    i found Bug,
    Sound Blabbering while playing Music (only when DTS enabled from the Settings > Sounds)
    Gesture and Motion sensing (touch gestures & Smart Sensing) is not working (Settings > Feature -) [ and it’s not a matter :-) ]
    Finally – USB connectivity – Not Connecting to PC (win 7, 64 bit)

    Kindly work on this,
    Waiting for Best Update….
    Thanks Bro,

      1. Techolaty

        Please download the latest version, it has been uploaded. Check the article. The PC Connectivity error has been fixed.

    1. Techolaty

      All the above bugs have been fixed. Now you can check the updated version. You can download it and flash it on your device. Let us know if there are any problems arising. Hope there won’t be any.

  5. Techolaty

    Sorry, the double tap feature is still not implemented. But there is an updated version of this rom. Please check it out.

    1. Satheesh Chandran

      You are the man… You updated the ever sexy OS for Lenovo A6000,
      Well done Bro, i will download and check it,

      and update the Screen shots, then people can understand easily.
      i hope you willllll…..


  6. Satheesh Chandran

    You made some mistakes,

    Stucked while installing,

    Creating system links….

    after wiping data, cache and factory reset,
    i installed it,

    and it’s showing –

    — Installing : /(path)ROM file.zip
    Finding update package…
    Opening Update package…
    Installing Update…
    Nubia UI for K30-T


    Creating system links…..

    and i waited more than 30 minutes…
    but still it stucked on creating system links….

    then i force to restart….

    1. Techolaty

      Flash it once again. Remove the battery and enter recovery mode again. It gets stuck on first flash. It will flash for sure again.

  7. Satheesh Chandran

    What about the camera bug?
    It’s force closing when we click on front cam and flash or settings,

    And music?

      1. Satheesh Chandran

        Still showing camera force close, music blabering…
        and newly some chines crap on notification popup,
        and kindly try to remove that clean master and boot animation (funky image collage) also,

        Thank you bro, for your good work, Kudoss

  8. harsh

    installed the rom its good.
    but the camera app still crashes when swithcing from rear to front view.
    plz remove this bug.

  9. Satheesh Chandran

    will help a lot If you can upload all these ROM’s via Torrent, Sometimes it’s getting around 2 hours to download 587 mb in broadband which have 4.5 mb download and 4 mb Upload speed.

      1. Satheesh Chandran

        seperatly, like your normal download link (look good if you put it below of direct dwnld link)
        may it will help others tooo

  10. Satheesh Chandran

    She is sexy yaaar,,,,
    Everything working fine…. thanks for this awesome OS,
    remove the old download link, people will get confused (Screenshot also).

  11. Satheesh Chandran

    Problem with SD card,
    I can’t enble sd card as default memory fron settings,
    if we enabled it, showing error on play store continuously (unfortunately google play store has been closed)


    PC Connectivity,
    Some times it’s not connecting to PC,
    otheres are awesome… Good One Bro,

    1. Anthony Glenn Varona

      same here sir…adb cannot detect my phone after flashing this rom

      1. Satheesh Chandran

        You may good to go with CM 11 Ultra Smooth, It’s perfect,
        Flash back to CM11 U S Rom ASAP.

  12. DJ VAS

    Looks beautiful. Thanks everything is working fine. Thanks again admin.

  13. Satheesh Chandran


    is ther any chance to get that NUBIA-UI version? which have Chinese issue ( :-) you have to solve that LoL).
    it’s Damn pretty good.

      1. Satheesh Chandran

        There was one bug In version (chinese letter in Status Bar and Lock screen)
        Now you are working in 2.2 instead of
        I like version which you posted first with Chinese bug.

  14. h.y.

    Love this rom. Thanks. But can you tell me how to set the screen size? The screen size is 5 x 5 by default, and I want to change to 4 x 5. Thanks for the answer. Sorry for my bad English.

    1. Techolaty

      I haven’t checked that, there is an option for that. I will check it out and let you know. I’ll mail you back.

      1. h.y.

        One more thing. My phone can’t connect to the PC (Windows XP) as MTP and USB mass storage. How to solve it? Thanks again.

  15. Androind Junky


    I just installed MIUI rom on my A6000.
    Since I App 2 sd option is not working on this rom, I am just left with a GB of free storage.
    Also, the ROM is very low on RAM, 250-300 MB Free.
    Now my question is : Is this NUBIA rom better then MIUI 6 in terms of RAM management and performance?

    1. Techolaty

      Both have different features. One might have less RAM left. If you want RAM to be maximum free then try PACMAN or Cyanogenmod rom.

  16. Anthony Glenn Varona

    sir my pc cannot detect my phone after flashing this rom….help plsss

  17. Anthony Glenn Varona

    adb cannot detect my phone after flashing this rom….help plssss

  18. Satheesh Chandran

    Hey man,
    What are the updates…? and version? Screen shots?

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