Download Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000/Plus MIUI [Updated 08-07-2015]

Hello friends, as we had promised that we will be writing a guide on installing a custom rom for Lenovo A6000/Plus in our previous post here, we have finally made the guide and are also going to provide you with the Custom Rom for Lenovo A6000/Plus which is based on Kitkat 4.4.4 MIUI. Most of you might not know about the different versions of  custom ROM’s available, but as of now we have found this custom rom miui and after 2 days of testing we have found out very few bugs or no bugs at all.

Before going through the guide and the files please read the message below :

DISCLAIMER : In no means we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install the custom rom on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom roms and its bugs then please do not go any further. 

Pre-requisites :

1. Rooted device – You can read the guide here for rooting your Lenovo A6000/Plus

2. CWM installed – You can follow the tutorial here for installing CWM.

3. Custom Rom of MIUI – Download it from here.

4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here. ( This is the minimal edition)

5. Backup all your data.

About the ROM :

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo K30 (Works with Lenovo A6000/Plus)
ROM type:  MIUI6

Version:  5.7.14
ROM Author: liuxingghost

ROM Size : 352 MB

Features of the ROM :

  • Custom UI
  • New Status Bar
  • Theme options
  • New Lock Screen
  • Many more…

How to install MIUI Custom Rom on Lenovo A6000/Plus :

Step 1 : Copy both the files to your SD card

Step 2 : Boot into Recovery (Follow the guide to goto recovery)

Step 3 :  Please take an entire backup of your current rom through the CWM menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the miui custom rom.

Step 4 : Enter recovery

Step 5 : Make full wipe including “system”

Step 6 : Flash the rom and then the gapps.

Step 7 : Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

PS : As the ROM is default by Chinese language, please do not panic. You can download Google Keyboard from playstore and set it as your default keyboard.

[appbox googleplay]

Screen Shots of the MIUI Custom Rom for Lenovo A6000 Plus


April 6: MIUI6 Version 5.3 uploaded
April 8: MIUI Version 5.3.2 uploaded
April 10: MIUI Version 5.4.0 uploaded
April 12: MIUI Version 5.4.10 uploaded
April 20: MIUI Version 5.4.17 uploaded
May 10: MIUI Version 5.5.8 uploaded - Download Here
June 17: MIUI Version 5.6.11 uploaded - Download Here
June 30: MIUI Version 5.6.25 uploaded - Download Here (password - 3vgj )
July 08: MIUI Version 5.7.14 uploaded - Download Here(352 MB) 

Changelog :


  • Lots of Bugs fixed
  • 500+ Free ram


  • Updated to 5.6.11
  • Decreased super user root authorization time to 1s
  • Other bugs fixed

Older versions 

  • New theme integrated
  • Battery backup increased
  • Default Language set to English
  • Default Location set to US
  • New Ringtones
  • Performance tweaks

Head over to Lenovo A6000 MIUI 7 Custom ROM – Stable

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By   7 April, 2015

127 Comments on “Download Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000/Plus MIUI [Updated 08-07-2015]

  1. Aaqib

    Can you upload the latest cm11 and packman rom too. I know these two are also available for lenovo a6000

  2. Saarim Ahmed

    Any guide how to install it? And will it remove this vibe ui?

      1. Saarim Ahmed

        I mean a custom kitkat 4.4.4 rom with its original ui. How can i get it?

  3. Aaqib

    Cm11 and packman rom are available for lenovo k3, so it will work on a6000 too. Also, a request. Try to upload roms on gdrive not dropbox. Dropbox doesn’t have resume capability. Thanks

    1. Administrator

      We already have a post for it, we will be uploading it soon. And yes thanks for the feedback for dropbox. we have changed the filehost now, we’ll be uploading on mediafire from now onwards.

  4. satyaki

    why is the miui is restarting on taping volume+ button on lenovo a6000

    1. Administrator

      This is really strange, I didn’t face this problem so far on mine. You can try to flash the rom once again then do a reset on your device.

    1. Nandy

      Admin : i tried doing that but when i change mac address it gives authentication problem , if i restore back then it works fine .
      may that file need to be changed at two places , plz help me

  5. Robert D Rackinson

    I’ve been using this rom from 2 days.
    Pros :
    1 Wonderful UI.
    2. Great battery life
    3. Network stays
    4. Themes are sexy
    5. a lot of other features

    Cons :
    One and only, sometimes the chinese fonts don’t get changed to english, but thats not the big issue.

  6. myname

    Dear admin.. I already instal miui 5.3.1
    And already notif and download the update to 5.4.10. But I cannot flash using cwm. How to solve ?? Thankyou anyway

  7. Jvmlove

    Hello aDMIN?

    Is the Rom multilanguage (with french)? I need to install to my Lenovo K3-W

  8. Myname

    Hello Admin
    I already flash MIUI 5.1.30beta.. and download the update MIUI 5.4.10 using auto UPDATER
    but i cannot flashing using CWM. its seem wrong devices..

    is there any method to flasing this Update ??

    1. Admin

      Yes, I am sorry for that. I had already mentioned that the ROM is not built specially for Lenovo A6000 but is built for Lenovo K-30. So the OTA update doesn’t works, you will have to download the ROM from the links we provide and then flash it. Please do not try to update from within the phone itself.

  9. Tribune

    i guess after installing the latest stock update. ADB method to boot or flash CWM is not working. Somebody please check and respond.

  10. debdinna

    Dear admin,
    Stock ROM not working from ur download link. Its saying DAT this for kraft a6000 not for for k-t device. But mine is a6000.

    1. Admin

      I will upload a new one. Let me re-compile and upload. Else you can edit the file yourself. Which one you feel would be easy? Let me know.

  11. bayu

    Dear admin,
    your rom workin great on my a6k.


    i will treat you a beer.

    Best Regards from indonesia.

  12. Swaraj Sarkar

    I have installed the rom. The new version is available via update. Should I update? Thank you in advance.

    1. Bayu Aditya

      I think, you should not updata OTA. because that rom is for another phone.
      but if u wanna try it, and after that share it to us. No problem.


  13. D"RK

    hey its really awesmw thnx alotsss admin but i wnt so say can u get any solution on. chinese language in theme manager

  14. D"RK

    n also hav u any solution on miui theme editor coz its not supporting on thia rom

  15. D"RK

    after intalling this rom their r not any inbuilt google apps i had to download it externally from play store hav i missed any step

  16. lenovo a6000 plus user

    is anyone tried this ROM on lenovo a6000 plus… I wish to install…but want to confirm whether it does works fine on a6000 plus. ..

  17. Sunny

    Hi Admin,

    Kindly provide 5.5.1 update. It shows update of 5.5.1, but i cant install update.

  18. nandy

    any idea to change wcnss_qcom_wlan_nv.bin file so that mac address will be chaged

  19. sai karthikeya josyula

    Thank u Admin for giving this smooth rom but after changing the language into english also some apps like browser and other apps are still in chinese language….how to solve it…?

    1. Admin

      Sorry Sai, the rom is made by a chinese developer. So these bugs will be there. You can use Chrome browser or Opera browser instead.

      1. saikarthikeya

        my ph got bricked and struked up at lenovo logo…iam note able enter in boot menu by presiing 3 buttons simultaniously…and also my ph is not getting detected by adb …please help me..i have a backup of my rom with me…plz help me as soon as possible…..waiting for ur reply

          1. saikarthikeya

            my ph is not getting detected by adb how can i flash..? it is just struckig up at lenovo logo and not entering into download mode…..


    i have installed this rom and used for one day.Next day my ph got strucked up at mi boot ……i have backed up my stock rom…now what should i do to repair my phone..? please give me a quick ph became useless..plzzz

    1. Admin

      Thank you for using the MIUI rom. I am sorry to hear that problem. I will get a latest update by mid night today.

  21. yash

    Dear admin…m very thankful to u that u made this rom for me.
    Sir may u please insert dolby.apk from its stock rom vibe ui to miui 6 version. Please do me a favour.

    1. arena99

      Dolby available in miui forum,download and flash it,..super sound improvement.

  22. Maxman

    You sir are a great person… The best rom so far for our smartphone… Stable and smooth and the best part is you update it weekly. thanks a lot

    1. Admin

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Will keep on posting the updated version once it is released. Stay tuned with us.

  23. Harjeet Harsh

    the worst part is it is not rooted and we have to root it… the coolest part is – it is miui for lenovo a6000 …. wow i mean this is like the best day of my life… thanks techolaty

    1. Admin

      MIUI is the best among all the custom roms, but I prefer PACMAN if you want more performance and stability.

  24. rohit

    Hey admin facing prblm like phn runs slow n ucbrowser turns tu chinese language n most of awesme themes need
    mi credit

    1. Admin

      This bug will be there my friend Rohit as the custom rom has been developed by a chinese developer. Sorry for that problem you are facing. But few fonts will be there in chinese.



    I am very thank full to you bro this rom works perfectly in my a6000+, And is there any way that i can do an ota update in it ?

    1. Techolaty

      First of all, you’re welcome Vaisakh. Second thing is that you cannot install the OTA update as because this rom is built for Lenovo K3. We edit the rom for Lenovo A6000 and then upload it. You can download the latest build. We’ve updated the links.

    1. arena99

      5.6.11 ROM on a6000 plus issue I found just after installing, task manager pinch out/in is not working, its same as in miui 5. Task manager with buttons only as the original Lenovo a6000 plus Rom. I need that pinch in and out feature,fix it.

  26. Avishek Das

    hey can u tel me how to remove mi integration from this? I don’t want all this mi apps and accounts in it. only google.

    also it seemed like gapps isn’t working properly. apps refuse to install or update. :/ i’ll reflash n let u know.

    1. Techolaty

      Simple, uninstall it using any uninstall app like Droid 360 Clean up or Clean Master which have root privileges.

  27. sanu

    what different in MIUI Version 5.6.25 then the older version.Kindly reply fast i want to install this rom.Also list the bugs

  28. Shrivaas Sada

    Can you upload 5.6.25 to Mediafire, Mega or any other server? Pan Baidu really sucks, in my opinion.

  29. richard elbeesa

    I cant download from baiduuuu , please upload in google drive media fire or any other where we cna download easily????only 5.6.11 is uploaded in usercloud which one is better 5.611 or 5.6.25???

    1. arena99

      Install QQ international, create account…remember username,password.. Next install the app you get from above link, use translator,click download options,you redirected to an app, install it,… Login with QQ I’d,password.. Click the link again,…now download starts in that installed app. After completing you see it in a folder, not downloads.use file manager to find it,.I don’t remember folder name. Sorry I can’t upload, I missed that file after installing.Admin please don’t upload there again,very hard to get it.

      1. arena99

        Create QQ international (playstore)account,.click the link enter 3vgj ,you see Chinese blue and orange box, ( if not translated) click on orange box,.you will get a apk file, install it…now login app with QQ I’d, same what you entered in 1st 2nd line while creating QQ the miui 6.25 link again,download starts in the app.use file manager to find it..bye

    1. richard elbeesa

      Thanks for updating and maintaining this rom! Downloading the latest.

    1. Techolaty

      That ROM is from another author, you can stick to this ROM. The development for this ROM is more than that one.

  30. Abdul Razzaq

    Admin i have installed latest rom that is v 5.7.14 but my phone automatically shows a update available v 5.7.16 after i downloaded it doesn’t get installed.

    1. Techolaty

      It won’t get installed Abdul. The ROM’s are for Lenovo K30, but we try to port it for Lenovo A6000. So once the update is there, we download it and then make it compatible for Lenovo A6000. I hope you can understand.

  31. Muhamad Ivan Herdian

    Why does my ROM 5.7.14 have bug at clock system ???
    Can we update it with OTA ???

    1. Techolaty

      As it is already mentioned, there are no developments dedicated for lenovo A6000. All the custom roms are developed for Lenovo K3 roms, from chinese developers. You cannot update via OTA.

  32. Ritesh Pawar

    That 5.7.14 shows the version as 5.7.9 not 5.7.14 .. something wrong that I am doing or is it supposed to be that way ? Also I am unable to update to a higher OTA which is showing as available on MI Updater.

    After downloading the complete when I am prompted for REBOOT the phone boots into CWM recovery and attempts to install however after about 5% installation I get a message that the package expected Fingerprint of Xiaomi …..(some other parameters after that) .. and says that this is KRAFT 4.4.4

    After this the installation aborts and phone reboots back to the homescreen.

  33. ashis jana

    how to back upmu vibe ui?? if i am fail to install miui than i have to install vibe ui…. so how to back up and re install vibe ui?

  34. sam

    Having problem updating…it shows like its for kraft-t ,and everything in chinese

      1. sam

        Thanx admin…really gr8 work.
        Having problem only with gapps minimal version.
        Can you please help that out.??

  35. sahil

    Will I get system updates for further miui versions or I have to manually update the miui rom.

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