Custom Rom For Lenovo A6000 – MIUI

Yes, you have read it right a custom rom for Lenovo A6000. But you’ll have to wait for few days until I test it along with few of my friends. I am not a developer but this MIUI rom for Lenovo A6000 was available on some Chinese website which means it is in Chinese version.

I have installed and I am testing it since then, I will write a guide for installing the custom rom for Lenovo A6000 very soon. Till then have a look at the screenshots, I am pretty sure you are going to like it.

Screenshot_2015-04-05-13-56-42Screenshot_2015-04-05-13-58-41 Screenshot_2015-04-05-13-58-08 Screenshot_2015-04-05-13-57-07

There is also Cyanaogenmod custom rom/firmware available for Lenovo A6000 which will be posted soon too. Till then stay tuned and like our Facebook page and Twitter page for the updates.

You can download the Custom rom



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By   5 April, 2015

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