Another Sizzling Smartphone Galaxy S6

The concepts of Smartphones have been changed by Samsung over a period of time. Now, almost every month a new Smartphone comes up in the market and all the mobile manufacturers have joined this league. Every time new functionalities have been added and several new versions of successful Smartphones have been released for the sake of app-savvy customers. Samsung Galaxy S5 has now a new version releasing soon. Hence Galaxy S6 is in the news. Samsung Galaxy S6 consists with a bunch of new features with higher end user experience. The official design of the S6 has not been published yet, but in telecommunication market anticipations are always welcomed in a big way. The expected display and design has already been discussed in many public forums. There is no doubt in the mind of users that the newer version of Galaxy S series will be run by the latest Android 4.5 version. Galaxy S5 has set the expectations so high that now people are expecting a Smartphone with lots of high-end applications.

Galaxy S6 will come with a new aluminium rubberized plastic body and that is a makeover from other Smartphones. The phone will have a bit curved, but sharper edges. The corners of the phone will be sharper than usual Galaxy series phones. The thickness of this Galaxy S6 is 7.2 millimeter. It is expected to be the thinnest Smartphones in the world. The weight of the Smartphone will be 120 grams along with a 5.5 inch display screen. This new advanced look and excellent features of this Nokia Lumia 930 Smartphone will give you the feel of using a phablet. The display of this mobile phone is incredible with an additional IPS LCD panel. The display quality is crisper and crystal clear. Galaxy S6 includes memory extendable up to 128 GB external memory. It is also being expected that 4 GB RAM will also be introduced. This kind of huge memory allocation has been implemented first time in the telecommunication market. The internal memory of this phone has been increased up to 90%.

The storage capacity of internal memory is 64 GB. If you are now discussing the camera of S6 then it will reveal the efficiency. There are two cameras Primary and Secondary. The primary camera has a 21 megapixels resolution. The real surprise will be the resolution of the secondary camera. The increased camera resolution will vary from 4 to 7 megapixels. It will also have an excellent video recording capability. The high resolution of the camera provides amazing video quality for the users. This Smartphone is also equipped with high end locking and unlocking system through IRIS scanning. If you are a future user of Galaxy S6 then you will be really expecting a long lasting battery back up to experience all those high technology features and applications. As per the information the phone will be equipped with a 4000 mAH battery. It means this power source will provide more than 36 hours of talking time at a stretch. It is believed that the phone will have more advanced applications than expected.

By   14 September, 2015

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